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Uncover a New Beautiful You & Dominate Life! | taught by Scott Coulter
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Scott Coulter
Scott Coulter

About the instructor

Coach Scott is an Award Winning Entrepreneur, published Author and Training Facilitator.  He's certified in Business/Career & Life Coaching, Lean Sigma, and Business Analysis.  He has a long successful track record of helping clients through the journey of life and business to amazing outcomes . He's committed to your mission and has developed some of the industry's best training programs offered worldwide. 

Coach Scott is the Founder of APSi, The Vertex Business Accelerator and Kaizen MINDSET Systems.  Coach Scott and his team understand that life delivers some unique challenges that need unique measures to overcome.  As Certified Coaches, we deliver some of the most impactful programs for individuals, students, and groups to help deliver results. 

Providing customized solutions utilizing industry best practices, world class content and globally recognized framework--clients in our coaching programs achieve unbelievable breakthroughs.  

 Working with my team, you gain access to trusted advisors you can count on to help you increase personal performance, work through difficult challenges and transform your MINDSET for domination.  

Enough talk about us.  Now, let's get down to serving your needs!

“Veteran Owned and Operated” 

Coach Scott, CCC/CLC/CVBC/LSSYB/CBA       www.apsicorp.com / www.scottacoulter.com                If you'd like to have a FREE Strategy Call with Coach Scott, Click the link below:  


Mental and emotional stress contributes to declining health amongst women.  Most women suffer from chronic stress and lack the knowledge to realize it and make the right choices to recover.  

However, the hustle and bustle of life for today's women add additional challenges such as; childcare, work, school, homeware and finances.  In this course you'll discover where you are currently, learn hidden symptoms of un-healthy habits, how to turn your life around and build confidence to become a "New You". 

Lack of awareness is only a poor decision to be educated.  This course will help provide the basic knowledge you need to get you on the path to domination.  

 Learning about self-care, living healthy, and ways to get back to living happy and free can be the game changer you need right now.  The good news is that our team is committed to help you get there.  

Enrolling in this easy to follow course is the action you need to take to gain control of your future.  You'll learn so much and start to be more confident about your health and wellness within the first 30 minutes of this course.  We've worked with industry experts to make sure you receive a strong foundation upon completion. 

Who is the Course for: 

Every women, young lady, or teenagers seeking to improve their knowledge and overall health care.  


  • Must have internet access. (This is an online course)
  • Willing to commit to taking action from the content provided. 
  • Able to view video content and access articles, e-books, conduct self assessments, and take action.


So--don't waste another moment.  Enroll now!  

Oh, as a added bonus--we are offering a FREE Live Strategy Session with Coach Scott for those who complete the program.  You don't want to miss out on that offer.  

Now, let go.  Time to Dominate The Day!

Course Contents

11 Videos
1 Survey
11 Texts
17 PDFs
1 Presentation

Course Curriculum

Module 5: Overcoming Fears--Learning To Build a Resilient Mindset