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  • SMART Goals

    Learn to identify wasteful activities, set SMART Goals, and focus on new behaviors that lead toward transformational breakthroughs.

  • Toolbox

    Receive proven tools, activities, assessments, and develop new professional behaviors that get results. Having a professional coach take the journey with you to ensure your success.

  • Empowerment Training

    Develop empowering skills through various career and training plans, as well as having an ex-recruiting agent walk you through the process. Have access to an entire host of activities, motivation, accountability, and cheats to get you hired.

Career Coaching Program or Session

Session Pricing

Pricing is based on hourly rate for (1) 60 minute session

Take advantage of adding additional sessions or packages

For maximum results, select one of the longer term programs that will allow Coach Scott and his team the ability to help you build the right habits and establish sustainable results.

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