10 Key action items you must master in government contracting

taught by Scott Coulter
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Scott Coulter
Scott Coulter

About the instructor

Coach Scott is an Award Winning Entrepreneur, published Author and Training Facilitator.  He's certified in Business/Career & Life Coaching, Lean Sigma, and Business Analysis.  He has a long successful track record of helping clients through the journey of life and business to amazing outcomes . He's committed to your mission and has developed some of the industry's best training programs offered worldwide. 

Coach Scott is the Founder of APSi, The Vertex Business Accelerator and Kaizen MINDSET Systems.  Coach Scott and his team understand that life delivers some unique challenges that need unique measures to overcome.  As Certified Coaches, we deliver some of the most impactful programs for individuals, students, and groups to help deliver results. 

Providing customized solutions utilizing industry best practices, world class content and globally recognized framework--clients in our coaching programs achieve unbelievable breakthroughs.  

 Working with my team, you gain access to trusted advisors you can count on to help you increase personal performance, work through difficult challenges and transform your MINDSET for domination.  

Enough talk about us.  Now, let's get down to serving your needs!

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